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Shropshire Mistress

Shropshire Mistress Cathy Cane. I am a strict, extremely sensual and a sadistic Dominatrix Mistress.

I am known for the attributes I bring to the services I provide in Shropshire.

I will show you how to serve and obey me properly. Just remember to always treat me with the utmost respect and deference.

Take a look at the whole of my website and contact me respectfully.


Mistress Cathy Canes Sessions

Mistress Cathy Cane offers sessions for a minimum one hour. On your first time you must allow extra time at the start to discuss your preferences. She'll not charge extra if that first session goes over the hour, if it's just because of the initial discussion.

You must tell The Mistress what you do not want to do. The Mistress will always respect your wishes and limits as she'll expect you to respect hers.

The Mistress only offers sessions that she will personally enjoy, see those that she knows she enjoys listed below.

If your kink isn't there; she may have omitted to list it, or like to try it for a first time; she loves to try new experiences and techniques!



Dominatrix Sessions

Spanking Table
Crops and Whips
The Cage
Spiders Web
Spanking Table

Domination for Novices

Mistress Cathy can be a very strict Mistress with those who seek that; but she also enjoys introducing novices to the joy of submission. Tie and tease is a good way to start, light bondage with the soft lick of a flogger across the body, blindfolds and restraints, and nothing else but Her voice guiding you. Sensual domination may encompass all sorts of play, Tease and denial is a excellent way to introduce you to the world of erotic BDSM.

Corporal Punishment and Spanking

In my Dungeon I have a spanking horse ready for you, and can use that, or the other items or furniture to position you the way I want. There are many scenarios we can explore, I have at my disposal a number of different implements ranging from paddles and crops through to whips and canes. Raising welts is one of favorite pleasures, but I do respect your limits and will design the session to your level of tolerance. If you don't want to be left with telltale marks you must tell me before we begin.

Role Play – School scenarios, office scenes, correction

Pick a scene, any scene and I will have you suffering any imaginary consequences available! I adore role play and have been told I have knack for falling into role confidently and realistically. Must be that dominant streak in me! Sometimes we can use other parts of the property and my partner, Sir Guy Masterleigh always welcomes new office girls.


Bondage brings you totally under Mistress Cathy Cane's control. As well as being bound in a literal sense, the fact that you are entirely under the control of The Mistress binds you in another sense. You will be under her power, she will decide how long you stay bound, your positions and the tightness of the rope. She can use the bondage web, suspension points in floor and ceiling, at either end of the massage bed and on the spanking horse; and can tickle, beat or otherwise torment you, whilst so confined.

TV transformation, Cross dressing and Enforced Femme

This is an area in which Mistress Cathy Cane is particularly talented, experienced, knowledgeable and that she enjoys enormously.

The Mistress has a comprehensive wardrobe of schoolgirl, maid and other feminine clothes, wigs, shoes, etc. She can help you dress, do your hair or wig and make-up; and have you looking like the girl you always want to be, often far more attractive than you could ever imagine. Or if you have your own clothes, wig, make-up, shoes she can help you look your best in them, and give you the confidence to wear them well. Mistress Cathy is a well-groomed women, who can offer great tips on dressing, make up and deportment.

If on the other hand you want her to take control and force you to dress as a sissy, and be humiliated like the silly slut you really are, then come along for that too!

It is possible to have photos taken with your own camera.

It is usually possible to spend a whole evening here, or stay overnight as a girl or woman guest, perhaps a daughter or as a maid, or manservant, puppy, kitten or even toddler or baby.

The Mistress waits in anticipation in her dungeon or boudoir.

Sissy Maid and Domestic Service

Mistress Cathy Cane sees two distinct approaches to being a male maid or domestic servant.

If you truly want to be of service to a Mistress or Master, as a maid or as a manservant then she can help teach you how to present yourself, in your own uniform or one she supplies. The right body language, the correct forms of address, how, when and who to curtsy (or bow) to. Plus the work skills you will need. You will be taught to be polite at all times, to serve the Mistress and her guests drinks and food if they require it. If her guests include men, she'll ascertain first whether you're ready for that. You will perform Domestic Duties, and if they are not completed to Mistress Cathy Cane's satisfaction she will deal with you appropriately.

On the other hand if you want to be a sissy French Maid, waving a feather duster about and trying without great hopes of success to be useful, that can be arranged too: dressed in frilly petticoats, knickers and dress, you will be taught what it means to be a proper Sissy Maid to amuse and serve Mistress Cathy Cane. Expect to be humiliated and punished if you do not perform your tasks to the complete satisfaction of the Mistress.

Either way Mistress Cathy Cane will check all areas you have cleaned for cleanliness with her gloved hand and any dust found will result in more punishment: whichever option you select this will be a very strict maid training program.

It is possible to have photos taken with your own camera, and sometimes possible to spend a whole evening or stay overnight as a maid, or manservant by special arrangement.

Puppy Training

This is something Mistress Cathy Cane takes particular delight in, taking a human and treating them, and having them behave exactly as you would a puppy. On all fours, without use of hands or voice, on a collar and lead, taught to 'Sit', 'Beg', 'Fetch', 'Walk to Heel', etc. She finds the power amusing and exciting, and many human puppies enjoy the 'holiday from humanity' without human cares, responsibilities, inhibitions and obligations. The sheer freedom of just being there to please and obey your Mistress can be thrilling to those whom it suits. She even has the puppy cage in which to confine you, if you've been naughty, or just because she has to do other things.

She may have facilities be able to cater for human pigs, kittens, ponies in the future too.

It is possible to have photos taken with your own camera, and sometimes possible to spend a whole evening or stay overnight as a puppy by special arrangement.

Strap-on Play and Anal Training

When it comes to Anal Play you belong to me, whether you are experienced or not. I will be in charge. As a Professional Mistress and Dominatrix I have trained many men to take large dildos over a period of time. I always start with a small butt plug and work my way up over various sessions to a large dildo. Anal play is erotic and stimulating, you have the right to pleasure and I will guide you safety through the process. My preferred form of Anal Play is to encourage you to yield to me, once I get started on you, you will be happy to surrender to me.

Foot and Leg Worship

The world of fetishism is one I embrace and myself. I always look forward to sessions exploring your fetishes. I understand your obsessions, for I too have obsessions and find myself aroused by particular items of clothing and materials. Stiletto heels, boots and fully-fashioned nylon stockings for example, are just three of my favourites and I feel deep satisfaction when I see my slave turned on when I adorn myself wit these objects of desire.

Cock and Ball Torture

CBT like it says is a sexual activity involving torture of the male genitals. This will involve directly painful activities, such as genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, tickle torture, or even kicking, which I all enjoy. I have some great instruments that I can use on you. I've not done wax play or urethral play yet, or used sounds, but I'd be delighted to explore those with you.

As a professional Mistress and Dominatrix it is important to me that our time together runs smoothly, I therefore insist you explain your limits and pain thresholds, your likes and dislikes, and test them out initially. My sessions are never rushed, but if I am clear of your limits beforehand we are sure to enjoy each other's company. It is important that we communicate well beforehand so the session runs to perfection, when we meet I also insist on a Safe Word that you can use to stop the action if it's getting too much for you, before we begin.

Enquiries from respectful novices, men, women, couples, cross-dressers, transvestites, male to female and female to male trans folk, are always welcome.

We have others, e.g. Nursie or a man, on hand who can be involved, if you wish.