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Shropshire Mistress

Shropshire Mistress Cathy Cane. I am a strict, extremely sensual and a sadistic Dominatrix Mistress.

I am known for the attributes I bring to the services I provide in Southern Shropshire.

I will show you how to serve and obey me properly. Just remember to always treat me with the utmost respect and deference.

Take a look at the whole of my website and contact me respectfully.

Shropshire Mistress

I am Mistress Cathy Cane, a Professional Dominatrix Mistress based in Southern Shropshire; e.g. Ludlow, Leominster, Craven Arms, surrounding towns and villages.

I enjoy many different types of sessions and will consider most requests.

You may be an experienced sub or simply curious, either way, I will push the right buttons and leave you wanting more.

My sessions are always safe, sane and consensual, but I feel it is important to always test your limits to increase both our enjoyment.

I always dress to please myself, e.g. in stunning rubber or leather outfits. If there's anything I could wear that would please you too, just ask.

I fully understand your submissive needs and how to fulfil them, from deep experience across the full range of these activities.

Do not ever presume to touch Mistress Cathy Cane without her express permission, or assume she'll offer more personal services. You may ask, humbly and politely, but may be refused.

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Shropshire Dominatrix Mistress Cathy Cane

Shropshire Dominatrix Mistress Cathy Cane

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